A consultative, efficient and results-oriented service
We specialise in providing recruitment solutions for early years learning services across Australia and New Zealand.

We offer pragmatic and tailored solutions to find the ideal candidate for your needs.  

Finding early year educators / childcare staff has never been easy. 2023 calls for new techniques and a passive approach. No longer will placing an advert up and hoping for the best be a viable solution. Qualified early childhood educators and teachers are not just sitting at home waiting to see your advertisement or to apply for roles, they need to be found, so we go find them for you, and find them we do!

The level of experience and expertise offered by our team of consultants is exceptional, providing all our clients with a truly consultative, efficient and results-oriented service. Many of our consultants are themselves Early Childhood Educators or Early Childhood Teachers and so are aware of how demanding yet rewarding these roles can be.

We have an in-depth understanding of ACECQA and the NQF as well as various state Department regulations

You will be provided with a talent consultant who becomes the champion for your business by assisting to solve problems, identifying opportunities, providing relevant industry advice, all whilst sourcing exceptional talent for you to hire.

We typically find staff for roles that include:

Early Childhood Educator (Certificate III or Diploma Qualified)

Early Childhood Teacher (Degree qualified)

Kindergarten Teacher (Degree qualified)

Lead Educator, Room Leader

Kindergarten Assistant

Centre Director/Centre Manager

Childcare Cooks/Chefs

Enrolment Officers

Nominated Supervisors

Educational Leader

Nominated Supervisors

Area Manager, Operations Manager

Our clients have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of the educational professionals we have been able to identify for their services, especially during the more recent times. 
We arrange on your behalf the following:

A comprehensive screening process including documentation collection,  two in-depth interviews and a comprehensive 16 question reference check

Review the quality of candidates’ observations/programming to ensure that they are of sufficient quality

Guarantee periods - free replacement should the candidate leave during this period

Post-placement support to aid retention of your new team member. We arrange two reflection/coaching sessions with Nic Russell. Nic is a 30+ year veteran in the sector and has worked in various roles, including Director & Operations Manager and being an educator for over ten years in the Early Childhood Education Department at Chisholm Institute (Tertiary). 

Risk free recruitment?

The best benefit is that we take on your risk.

Our early years recruitment solutions place no financial obligations on our clients until a decision is made to hire. Once the employee starts work there is 28 days to pay. 

We provide a discount when settling the invoice earlier. We charge one affordable fee that covers the entire solution with no other costs to pay.

Our Early Childhood Education and Care staff do not make it past found round unless they can satisfy:


Reliability is essential for every nursery, nursery manager and parent – so we’ll ensure that we select only the most punctual and dedicated early years teachers to work in your setting.


Our educators are driven by their passion for high-quality learning and education; a passion that radiates throughout the rooms they work in and in the pupils they teach.


Every early years setting is different, with varying routines and structures. We therefore only select early years professionals who are flexible and adaptable, so that they fit in with your culture straight away.


The early years teacher we find to work in your school will go above and beyond to ensure that your pupils have the best possible learning experience!

Early Years Learning Framework

The level of knowledge will depend on the qualification the person has however everyone is expected to be familiar with it.

Our Process

Once the agreement has been submitted, we get to work!
This stage is where all the magic happens! Generally, the process looks something like this:

We have an in-depth conversation about the qualities you are seeking in the roles we are to recruit for. The discussion will consider what recruitment actions you may have already taken, the culture at your early learning service, your expectations of staff and how the recruitment process works on your side.

We head-hunt suitable candidates and search through our extensive database, social media marketing campaigns, and any advertising if needed.

We conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate before sending you a tailored shortlist. The interview includes ensuring all qualifications and documentation are in place. The thrust of the interview is focused on ensuring that the interviewee is passionate about the role proposed to them, and will provide the best educational experience for the children in your setting as will be an excellent cultural fit for your organisation.

From our tailored shortlist, we will arrange and manage any interviews on your behalf and coordinate workplace trials.

Once an agreement is in place to proceed with a chosen candidate, let us know, and we will work with you to ensure that each party is happy with the final agreement.

Register your vacancy

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Here is a short selection of the typical questions we receive. If you have a question about our services feel free to reach out! 

A business will thrive with the right employees; however, finding great employees is not always that easy. Sourcing candidates can be time-consuming, and the costs of getting it wrong can put your livelihood at risk. Some studies say upwards of 150% of that employee’s salary. 

Like other professional services, we’re experts who can help you find and retain great employees so you can focus on your core business. We can deepen and diversify your pool of available candidates, offer salary insights, coordinate the interview and pre-employment process, provide ongoing consultations for your business needs and much more.

All of this leads to great employees while still giving you time to focus on running your business. IF your tooth needed a filling or your hair a style cut you could probably do that yourself too – but would he quality be up to scratch?

We tailor our recruitment solutions to your unique needs.  Generally, this includes in-depth conversations with you about your business and the role, interviews with vetted candidates, feedback, compensation negotiations, closing an offer with your chosen candidate, pre-employment screening, and ongoing consultations as needed. 

We work on your timeline and will match your urgency. If you need a critical hire tomorrow, we will do our best to send over candidates today. We collaborate with you around your needs, availability, business timelines, etc. We will set expectations with you, but ultimately, we’re not making widgets – we’re building relationships.

Absolutely! We stand by our work, seek long-term placements, and guarantee your satisfaction. We offer several industry-leading guarantee options; typically of three or six month in duration.

Our approach to sourcing and recruiting is relentless and comprehensive. 

Whilst the specifics vary from role to role. Some of the processes include online postings, Boolean sourcing, a deep referral network (in some industries, almost half of our placed candidates are, active networking in the community, diverse community partnerships, and professional and industry groups.

If it were easy and quick to find the right person for a role, you’d have hired them already! We spend most of our time building relationships and making connections for the benefit of our clients.