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Eight reasons you should work with a recruiter!

Why would anyone use a recruiter to assist them in a job hunt?


A good question and one that we had wondered about ourselves before we got into this crazy recruitment world. Recruitment consultants get paid by their clients, a recruitment service is free for jobseekers. But, there is so much more to gain beyond just a free job matching service.

#1 Recruiters save you time.

When you get home from a full day of work and spend some time with the family, how many quality hours can you spend searching for jobs? It can take a lot of time to prepare and submit a job application – a cover letter needs to be tailored to the job and research needs to be performed so you can ensure it is a workplace that aligns with your culture. Recruiters know what jobs are out there in the market plus they do all that hard work for you! A good recruiter is essentially your cover letter to help you land that first interview.


#2 You can network on a larger scale.

When you send a resume to an HR department or hiring manager, you rely on that document to be considered for the job. But if a recruiter thinks you are a good fit for their client, you have someone who gets the attention much quicker! Recruiters spend years developing client relationships and know exactly how to ensure that your resume gets noticed!

#3 Recruiters guide you through the process.

A good recruiter strives to provide the best experience possible for candidates and for their clients. Many will prepare you for the job placement, from applying to accepting an offer. They can help improve your resume, provide advice on the interview and also assist with the negotiation of salary and or conditions. We help candidates with things like obtaining backpay for being underpaid for many years at their old workplace through negotiating 10-week annual leave provisions at long day care. To us going above and beyond is a natural thing that happens because we care about what we do.


#4 Recruiters want to place candidates.

Cash is king when it comes to who is more driven to get you hired. For recruiters, your acceptance of a job offer means they get a paycheck, so closing more candidates is the name of the game. Therefore, recruiters are competitive about placing candidates that will satisfy clients, and that drive can only help you in your job search.


#5 Recruiters gain access to exclusive job opportunities.

Did you know that not all open positions are posted on job boards? Some companies only post available jobs on their websites, while others rely on third-party sourcing agencies to find candidates. Many of our clients do not even advertise, they send us a text or email requesting a new room leader or Educator, and we get to work! Many of our clients also refer us to friends or colleagues in their network. When we get a new job and place it in the system, we are identified to anyone who may benefit from it. We then make contact with those beneficiaries – all happening before the job is even posted on a single site.

#6 You have specialised skills.

We know our clients, which means we can identify what kind of candidate fits their needs best. We can also give you details about the business that you might not be able to learn from a job description. You are more likely to cross paths with an employer needing your unique skills with a recruiter.

#7 You stay in a job search database.

You stay in the recruiter’s database even if you aren’t hired for the first potential role. Your resume is kept on the recruiter’s radar for future positions. Though you might think your information will get lost in a huge pool of candidates, that’s not the case. Recruiters use applicant tracking systems that make sorting candidates easy. The software pulls specific information from your resume and matches it to relevant jobs. When the right opening comes along, your resume will likely surface.

#8 Referring a friend or colleague can benefit you. Many recruiters will quite happily provide you with a gift card or gift when you refer a friend or colleague to us.